While the first showers after summer will bring much-needed respite from the scorching heat, the gloomy monsoon weather can dampen your spirits. If your home isn’t prepared to tackle the dreary aura the weather gives, it can get sombre so, now is the perfect time to give it a facelift.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Toby Thomas, Marketing Director at Bethliving, listed 4 DIY tips to give your home a refreshing touch this monsoon:

1. Revive your balcony – The balcony is the finest area to take in the rains. By adding some flower pots and bean bags to your balcony, you can easily add a touch of the monsoon. Set aside a little, adorable table on which to place your books and coffee. For your home to remain rust-free, using stainless steel furniture is highly advised.

2. Bring life to old wine bottlesFlowers and plants have a way of making a space feel upbeat and positive. utilize empty spaces with new vases, upcycle old wine bottles into planters, and decorate your home with stunning flowers to give it a fresh feel. This will bring freshness to your home.

3. Water sensitivity of your home furniture – In monsoon humidity increases the risk of deformations to the furniture. it’s better to go for the furniture which have nil water sensitivity or low water sensitivity. We will always advise steel furniture which is all season furniture.

4. Focus on windows – Freshness drives through the window. A place should be made for the rocking or recliner. Curtains in contrasting colours or butterflies can be added to the windows as decorations.

Adding to the list of decor tips this romantic season, Architect and Interior Designer Paushika Gupta, Founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design, suggested:

1. The outdoor setup – Create a visual treat in partly shaded areas like a balcony or porch – by simply planting green plants, and curating some cane furniture or leather furniture which are durable in nature. You can repaint a section or simply put a green rug, to create an illusion of walking in the greens outside. Well, if your balcony is enough spacious you can go for a nice macrame swing that befits the mood well. Light up the space with some low illumination scheme – this will surely create the ambience to enjoy the rains!

2. Turn up the colour game – As the weather is mostly gloomy outside, making the house appear a tad bit dark than usual. Using bright accents to accentuate dull areas is probably the best bet. Hints of green, ochre yellow or go wild with fuchsia pink! Your monsoon palette can be implemented over walls, upholstery, wall decors or even rugs and mats. Interesting patterns can be created with drapes in the room – setting up a table theme with interesting pieces can also add flavours to your sight.

3. Large window screens – What a play to welcome monsoon while you rest at ease and enjoy the view from inside the house. Large windows with clear glass panels allow us to enjoy the rain-washed view. Bespoke the spot with your work-from-home set-up that lies close to the vicinity, or accentuate the space with a beautiful armchair or swing. Add more visual treats by adding pastel linen curtains against the windows or doors – what a picturesque view!

4. Upholstery – Go all out by picking some tropical and bold prints for your upholstery of the house – sprucing up the home ambience right away. Adding vibrant colours will instantly remove the blues, dwelling inside of the house. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the interiors! A bright change from the regular blues to pep up the mood.

5. Cuddle corners – Enjoying the rain outside is an ultimate feeling of joy – if that is aligned with some romance probably nobody would step out! Spot a space inside your home and set-up a nook – decorate it with some warm lights, a canopy made of linen fabric and some fuzzy cushions. DIY a cosy corner in no time during the season of love. Light some decorative candles together and add some romance to the air!

Insisting that interior design should be seen from a holistic viewpoint, Gabriel Gil, Head of Design and Innovation at Bonito Designs, advised that the colours, textures and other elements should go hand-in-hand and give a balanced feel. He recommended:

1. Add colours – Vivid colours uplift your mood instantly, especially when it’s pouring. Pick 3 colour schemes that match your personality and work with them. A bold colour for the wall behind the sofa, and another one for accent elements like the couches/chairs will add flamboyance. The final colour should be for accessories. This formula of three colours is fail proof and will work in any combination or theme and reflect your mood and personality.

2. Textures are your best friend – Use textures and patterns of varying colours to brighten up the room. However, consider your lifestyle before choosing textiles. If you have pets or kids, darker tones will work best as compared to pale shades. For a luxurious look, high-end silk draperies and pillows will exude elegance. If your home has less sunlight coming in, go for sheer curtains and lighter shades to avoid making the room darker.

3. Focus on furniture – When it comes to furniture, your sofa, coffee table, etc., are the larger accent elements with the couch usually being the star of the living room. But if you cannot change the sofa to complement your decor and walls, cushions will work wonders to spruce up the space.

4. Accessories and artwork – To make the colours pop in your living room, you can add pictures of your family or pictures of art of your choice. You can also get an ottoman or a floor cushion for some accessorising. On the other hand, in the bedroom, ensure that the main element is the bed, and the focus isn’t diverted from that.

5. Doors are underrated – The adage ‘The first impression is the best impression’ is said with good reason. Your doors will make an impression on those who visit. Although most doors are from the apartment/home contractor, you can change them or paint them to match your vibe.

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