Vastu aims to create harmony between people and nature. The secret to happiness and peace in life is to personalise your surroundings. It can be done with paintings, photos, showpieces, or really anything you think would give your living area a unique touch. However, not everything should be kept within your home. It’s crucial to understand what you should and should not maintain in your home according to Vastu.

Vastu Tips For home decoration: Ideas that can create peace and harmony inside home

  • Taj Mahal: Although the Taj Mahal is considered the symbol of love, it is essentially a tomb, which stands for death. As a result, avoid displaying little figurines and paintings of the Taj Mahal in your home.
  • Mahabharat and Ramayana war: The scenery of the Mahabharat and Ramayana war should be avoided. As per Vastu, using images or scenes from wartime narratives should be avoided as they can cause conflict within the family.
  • Damaged clocks: Nothing in our home should stand for resistance to this growth in any way. A broken clock shouldn’t be kept inside the home.
  • Bedroom’s decor: The bedroom’s decor has an impact on the person’s personal, professional, and healthy lives.
  • We should keep the north-east corner clean and tidy
  • We should avoid facing a mirror while sleeping or sitting.
  • Kitchen should have proper lighting and minimum shadows. Include lighting in the pantry and storage area while designing the kitchen‘s interior.

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