Castles are one of the most fun and intricate structures you can build in Minecraft. Whether you’re recreating a famous castle from a property like Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings or you’re looking to make something entirely original, building a castle is both a great way to claim a section of a server for yourself and impress your friends with your building skills. After all, why live in a dirt house when you could live in a fortress?

Thanks to the complexity of many castle builds out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help spark inspiration, we’ve compiled seven of the best Minecraft castle ideas out there. These builds feature a variety of sizes, styles, and extra content like surrounding cities and landscaping to make your castle look even more real.

Here are the very best Minecraft castle ideas.

The seven best Minecraft castle ideas

Desert City by LANSER

This build features not only a great domed palace but a city around it. While the entire city might look a little intimidating, you can focus on just the centerpiece palace if you want to. The accompanying video, created by Minecraft content creator LANSER, doesn’t feature instructions, but it does have a timelapse of the entire build, which you can slow down and follow at any point. This castle and its city look like the perfect oasis in the middle of the desert.

White Castle by Val27MC

This beautiful white stone castle earned plenty of praise from the users of the Minecraft Builds subreddit. Created by user Val27MC, it features plenty of white bricks, dark tiled rooftops, and a protective wall around the base that prevents others from entering—unless you want them to, of course. The castle’s impressive towers and spires rise high off the ground, granting excellent views of those famed Minecraft sunrises and sunsets. Val27MC shared in the comments that they used the Taste of Jerm resource pack in the build.

Hyrule Castle by Suprelith

This incredible build not only features an extremely detailed Hyrule Castle and its surrounding lands from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it sits on a shape-perfect modeled land mass in the middle of the ocean. Creator Suprelith shared multiple images of the time-consuming creation, noting that the castle itself also has an interior. The build also features several paths to and from the castle’s front gate, a river that cuts through a series of cliffs, and intimidating spires on top of Hyrule Castle’s towers.

Medieval Nether Portal by Harlock_Nyx

This creative build is less about creating a livable castle and more about decorating every hardcore Minecraft player’s favorite item: the Nether Portal. This enormous portal is flanked on all sides by thick stone towers with intricate torch sconces throughout. The portal’s actual obsidian is obscured by the large set of stairs leading up to it and the detailed cobblestone brick effect on each side. To beef up the portal with detailed lighting effects, creator Harlock_Nyx used the Sildurs Vibrant Shaders.

Slovakian Castle by HappySheep242

This impressive castle takes its cues from real-life traditional Slovakian castle architecture, which often features off-white walls and aqua green or burnt orange roofs. Creator HappySheep242‘s build is detailed, but their step-by-step video tutorial is equally detailed, showing fans how to build the castle from the ground up. The completed build doesn’t feature much of an interior, but it can be adjusted and decorated according to your personal taste.

Mountaintop Castle by BigTonyMC

Looking for something not nearly as intimidating but that still looks like a castle? Look no further than BigTonyMC‘s popular build, which features a single tower with a flag connected to a stone house. The interior features a small two-story living space with just enough room for a few lanterns, a chest, and an enchanting table. It’s perfect for a solitary wizard or royal who simply wants to be left alone.

Gothic Castle by HappySheep242

Another impressive castle build by HappySheep242, this medieval-style castle features a large and open courtyard that can be decorated to your liking. Its towers feature flags similar to the one on BigTonyMC’s Mountaintop Castle, but this castle is much larger and more intricate. HappySheep242 once again shows you how to build the entire thing from scratch in Creative Mode, making great use of Deepslate blocks. When you’re finished, you’ll have something that looks like it’s straight out of a Dark Ages pine forest.

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