What Disney home decor is best?

Fans can enjoy the magic of Disney in numerous ways. From watching favorite movies to visiting the theme parks, the Disney brand has evolved into a lifestyle for many individuals. One way that fans commonly showcase their love of Disney’s characters, movies and theme parks is through home decor items. In terms of Disney home decor items, you can’t go wrong with the Castle House Yard/Garden Decor Sign. Customizable in a multitude of ways, this yard sign is a must-have for all Disney fans.

What to know before you buy Disney home decor

Spaces you’re decorating

Most people visualize Disney toys or clothing when thinking about Disney merchandise. What some people don’t know is that there are countless items of Disney home decor available. Whether in search of kitchen mats or wall art, there are pieces that coordinate with every interior and exterior design.

Before adding anything to your online cart, determine which spaces in your home you’d like to liven up with Disney decor. This will help prevent under or overbuying and will ensure that you find exactly what you need.

Your home’s current decor

After determining which spaces (interior or exterior) you’ll be adding pieces to, consider each area’s existing decor. While most Disney decor is relatively neutral, some items are a bit more bold and colorful. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, ensure that every piece works well together.

Your favorite Disney elements

What’s great about Disney is that there are so many components to the brand. Movies, characters, theme parks and even specific rides can serve as the subject of your decor items. With so many artisan creators making Disney decor pieces, the sky’s the limit when it comes to getting what you want.

If you’re planning to fully redo a room with a Disney theme, curate the look in advance. What parts of the Disney brand do you want to be featured in this (and other) spaces? How will you know when the design is complete? Answering these questions will help you achieve the exact style you’re aiming for.

What to look for in quality Disney home decor


Although there are undoubtedly wonderful mass-produced pieces, Disney home decor is at its finest when made by talented independent artists. Handmade and limited quantity items offer a one-of-a-kind charm that cannot be found elsewhere. Oftentimes, handmade items come with multiple color and size options. Having this added flexibility allows you to choose decor items that suit your space perfectly.

Additionally, since there is an abundance of Disney fans now making decor items, you can effortlessly find pieces that feature your favorite theme park, ride or character.

Captures the magic of Disney

While not a tangible characteristic, quality Disney home decor exudes a certain sense of “magic.” Pieces that are truly exceptional give fans the same sense of wonder that they feel when engaging with the brand. It is this unique essence that keeps people of all ages coming back for more.

Subtle design

To some, the idea of decorating with Disney-inspired pieces may initially sound tacky. Thanks to the popularity of Disney, nearly all home decor items are tasteful and subtle. Some feature mere silhouettes of characters, or of Cinderella’s Castle. Whatever the image, most decor items utilize neutral colors that fit all styles.


Certain Disney decor items offer personalization options (e.g. adding your last name). This is most frequently true with handmade signs, artwork and the like. When this offering is available, you can make various decor items even more meaningful.

How much you can expect to spend on Disney home decor

Depending on the item selected, average Disney decor items can range between $10-$300.

Disney home decor FAQ

Is Disney home decor just for kids?

A. Definitely not. Between independent artisans and officially licensed items, you can decorate your home with Disney area rugs, clocks, artwork, kitchen mats, garden flags and so much more.

Can you decorate an entire room with Disney-related items?

A. Yes. You can easily find subtle decor pieces that can transform your bedroom, kitchen, living room or home office from floor to ceiling.

What’s the best Disney home decor to buy?

Top Disney home decor

Etsy — Castle House Yard/Garden Decor Sign

Castle House Yard/Garden Decor Sign

What you need to know: Simple yet beautiful, this outdoor metal sign showcases Cinderella’s Castle in all its splendor.

What you’ll love: This custom-made outdoor sign displays a silhouette of Cinderella’s Castle along with your family’s last name. Buyers also have the option of adding their address number to the sign. It is available in eight colors and offers the option of a Disney-themed bow. The sign can be purchased with or without an accompanying stand.

What you should consider: Starting at almost $60, this outdoor decor item is on the pricier side.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top Disney home decor for the money

Simply Remarkable “In This House We Do Disney” Poster

Simply Remarkable “In This House We Do Disney” Poster

What you need to know: Those who are decorating on a budget will love this creative “In This House We Do Disney” poster. 

What you’ll love: Measuring 16-by-20 inches, this sizable poster can be displayed with or without a frame. The saying on this piece of artwork can be displayed on four different backgrounds, making it easy to coordinate with existing decor. At just under $20, this poster is an affordable Disney home decor item.

What you should consider: Some individuals have mentioned paper quality concerns.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Etsy — Disney “Home” Welcome Doormat

Disney “Home” Welcome Doormat

What you need to know: Greet visitors with this durable and fun handmade Disney welcome mat. 

What you’ll love: Sized at 23 1/2-by-16 inches, this standard welcome mat depicts the word “Home” alongside Cinderella’s Castle. This classic design has become a popular way for fans to display their love of Disney theme parks. Made from durable materials, this welcome mat also serves as a functional addition to any porch or patio.

What you should consider: There have been reports of the design fading quickly after rainfall.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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