The trend of minimalist, Japandi home interiors has become extremely popular in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Green Lili spoke to Ore at @oreathome to find out how she transformed her aged, “unliveable” Victorian home into the gorgeous property it is today. Japandi decor is the intersection of Scandinavian and modern Japanese interior design styles. Both are rooted in minimalist design principles, with focus on warmth, natural elements and muted colour palettes.

Ore, 33, based in South London with her husband and two children, showcases her neutral home on Instagram for her nearly 25,000 followers.

She shared budget decorating hacks, renovation tips as well as money-saving epicycles.

Describing her style to Green Lili, she said it is a “mix of influences”.

Ore added: “Some rooms in the house are much more minimal and Japandi in nature.

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“I spent weekends working on it myself and saved money because of no labour costs.

“I also upcycled our entrance shoe storage unit. 

“It was initially a basic white Ikea hemnes shoe cabinet, and I changed it into a black ribbed cabinet more in keeping with the rest of the decor and style of the house.”

When asked what advice she would give to anyone renovating their home, Ore recommended taking time when decorating the home.

She said: “Social media posts and reels will have you seeing home accounts click their fingers and a room is transformed, but in reality, it takes a lot of time to decorate and transform a home.

“Don’t feel rushed because of what you see online.”

The DIYer also recommended doing jobs yourself if possible as it can save hundreds of pounds.

Things like panelling and painting can be “super easy” to do as DIY jobs.

Ore added: “Also consider shopping your house, are there items in other rooms or in storage that maybe you’re not using that would work well to decorate a new room?

“Look at high street shops for affordable finishing touches.

“Places like Dunelm, H&M and Zara are great for getting luxury-looking finishing touches but on a budget.”

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