Now is the time to buy your Halloween decorations. Yes, you read that correctly.

While there may be over 100 days until the spookiest day of the year, stores across the United States are already dropping their Halloween decor.

On July 12, Home Depot announced that their famously massive decorations, including their headline-making 12-foot skeleton, will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, July 13.

The home improvement company noted on its Instagram account, “Honestly, these scare even us. Our full Halloween assortment will launch tomorrow, 7/13 by 7 a.m. ET. While supplies last.”

The announcement wrapped up with the smartly used “#codeorange,” which is a term used by Halloween buffs to keep track of new ornamentation released.

Though Halloween superfans start “spooky season” right after the Fourth of July, as Halloween is the next big decorative holiday in the calendar—sorry, Labor Day—Home Depot’s customers were still shocked to see the fall-centric announcement.

“It’s frickn July,” one top comment read.

Another follower chimed in, “Bro it’s still summer.”

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A third wrote, “Why is Halloween starting so early this year? I don’t get it, can anyone explain?!?”

Of course, it didn’t take long for spooky season fans to chime in, as one responded, “Yes!!!! Don’t listen to the naysayers!! We want Halloween!! We want Halloween!!!”

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A second noted, “Now Home Depot.. you know we all just went broke on prime day, but do I still want that big ol’ skeleton.. yes.”

And Home Depot is not alone in launching its decor in time for, what some have called, “Summerween.” A code orange has popped up at JOANN Fabric and Crafts, HomeGoods and At Home.

Happy haunting!

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