NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Halloween is the next big holiday coming our way in 2023 and retailers have not wasted any time in trying to get your “boo-isness”, especially when it comes to elaborate outside decor. Many on social media have been talking about the Home Depot 12-foot skeleton, but that’s hardly the only gargantuan ghoul you can have in your front yard.

Home Depot

Towering Ghost at Home Depot | Courtesy Home Depot

For $399, you can have your own 13-foot Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This animatronic comes to life when you walk by with songs and dialogue from the movie and has two interchangeable heads.

If a non-trademarked specter is more to your liking, Home Depot also sells a 12-foot Giant-Sized Towering Ghost for $349. Blue LEDs will make this thing a beacon for trick-or-treaters come spooky season.

A 12-foot Animated Hovering Witch is also available for $299 with a moving jaw and “spine-tingling sounds.” Also in the $299 bracket is an 8-foot Giant-Sized Spider which, although not as tall, can be just as spooky.


Ground Breaking Zombie | Courtesy Lowe’s

Lowe’s is bringing the scary to their shelves as well this year. Probably their most expensive offering is a Haunted Living 9-foot Lighted Animatronic Ground Breaking Zombie for $598. It’s triggered by sound, motion, or by a trusty footpad.

If you have room in your life for a 12-foot..something but don’t like the look of skeletons, maybe try scarecrows? Lowe’s has you covered with a 12-foot Lighted Animatronic Scarecrow for $398. It’s got a scythe and a glowy ribcage, just like in The Wizard of Oz maybe. I haven’t seen it.

Do you have a covered porch that needs something scary on it? Good. The Haunted Living 5-foot Pneumatic Ghostly Woman for $358 wants to hang out there. It uses an air compressor to jump out at passersby when they least suspect it. Although the one thing you should suspect will jump out at you is a Halloween animatronic.

Unfortunately, the Haunted Living 4-foot Animatronic Bluetooth Reaper with Band Drums that you saw on TikTok is no longer available. I know.

Spirit Halloween

If you’re like me, you don’t go to Spirit Halloween to “get something spooky for Halloween.” You go there to stock up on supplies for the rest of the year…and play with those sick animatronics they have set up!

Towering Reaper | Courtesy Spirit Halloween

In the “multi-foot animatronic” game, Spirit is offering the 10-foot Towering Reaper Animatronic for $399. This bad boy has menacing eyes and tattered robes. Does it have a glowy ribcage? You better believe it. It’ll say things like “Hahah, welcome to the afterlife! Beware all ye who enter here,” and “Go ahead and live a little, it is later than you think. I will be coming for you soon enough hahaha.” Fun!

Remember the Crypt Keeper? Well, he’s back in animatronic form. You can pick up a 5.5-foot Crypt Keeper Animatronic for $399. He says 11 (that’s right) pun-filled sayings. He also laughs. A lot.

But ol’ Crypty isn’t the only famous demon you can take home. Spirit’s selling a 5.8-foot Beetlejuice Animatronic and 5-foot Regan Animatronic for $279 each. Killer Klowns From Outer-Space also gets a lot of Spirit Halloween love. For $399, a 7.2-foot Slim Animatronic is available.

Of course, there’s a huge array of Halloween decorations offered at these and other stores that fit any budget. Just don’t forget about the true meaning of Halloween: candy.

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