All natural elements and patterns are seeing a high-rise in 2022, mixing and matching bold patterns along with hues of warm colours definitely regains our connection with nature and even though minimalism is a classic trend, when all elements of design blend together smartly, it can create a space that is aesthetic yet bold. Colours are currently used much more expressively, regardless of traditional colour harmonies and rules and by using a variety of “loud, “bright” and “unrelated” colours on clothing, furniture, interior, exterior, ceremonial and other designs, artists and designers appear to be breaching colour limits more than ever.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director at Archies, suggested, “Lights can transform your environment in a way that can highlight the way it looks. It is essential to understand the dullest corner of the area that you want to uplift and the elements should be carefully selected. Lamps should be the key elements to highlight the other lighter elements while if there are multiple lights together, all of this should be elevating one primary item in the area. It may be more difficult than it first appears to light up various areas of the house.”

He suggested, “The size of your lighting elements, such as lamps, should be proportionate to the size of the area that you wish to highlight, neither too small nor enormous. While lighting can help create a statement to the home, one needs to be mindful of the crowd we create around the light or how dull we keep it. The functionality of decorative lights is extremely important.”

Bringing his expertise to the same, Ashima Singla, Founder and Director at Whispering Homes, advised, “While decorating your space, opting for neutral colour shades is always a smart choice, there are many reasons to support a neutral colour scheme. This timeless colour combination makes it simple to create a consistent design theme across the house. Additionally, it serves as an attractive backdrop to showcase colourful or crisply upholstered furniture and accessories, making it simple to change your decor to match new design fads or seasons. A neutral colour scheme is very helpful in small homes since it reflects light and gives it more lively vibes and creates an impression of more space.”

To create an unified decor, she recommended, “Choose neutral shades like mauve, sage green, grey, terracotta, lilac and navy. You can use throw pillows, upholstery, accent walls, and other colourful accents to add a splash of colour and enhance the area. Also try geometric or floral patterns on the carpet or curtains to tie the design together. To add visual interest, layer the area with textured paint, blankets, or woven rugs. Use a touch of invigorating blue to transform an area into something utterly new. Combine mineral to aqua colours of steely blue to create a scheme you won’t want to abandon. Try combining textures to add interest if you’re only using one colour or incorporate accent pieces in that colour. White or natural wood furnishings will keep the atmosphere timeless. The warm neutral shades have an anchoring and soothing effect. It’s the charm of this shade that radiates an unassuming allure that matches wonderfully with so many other colour palettes.”

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