Walls form the largest surface of any space, becoming the enclosure that creates a room, making it one of the most essential interior design and decor elements and in today’s world of technology and innovation, there is a wide range of wall finishes options available like paint, wall-cladding and wallpapers, with the growing popularity of the latter. Not only is wallpaper aesthetically pleasing and feasible in many options but it also has a fast application and quick turnaround time, making it a favourite among interior designers and homeowners. 

Playful patterns have always made a case for drawing visual interest while bold wallpapers with optically illusive geometrics or a wheelhouse of colours are perfect for setting up an accent wall. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Meena Murthy Kakkar, Design Head and Partner of Envisage, shared, “It is critical to understand what “bold” wallpapers mean. A wallpaper can be bold either in terms of print or textures and often even a combination of both. Generally, if the background colour of the wallpaper is bold or striking, the print over it is subdued or minimal. Interestingly, there are many options in textured wallpapers that are available in the market with patterns that include embroideries and even sequencing.”

She advised, “The overall colour scheme should be well thought out for a bold wallpaper to fit into the design theme. For example, the bold colour should not be the significant colour used in the room, and the minor colour of the wallpaper should be spread out throughout the space. In addition, the fabric and upholstery around the bold wallpaper should either complement it or be minimal or simple for it to stand out. Hence, a balance of the furniture, fabrics, and wallpaper should be conceptualized together.  Also, the placement of the wallpaper in the room should be planned carefully, with sufficient breathing space around it. For the wallpaper to be the highlight of the room, it should be controlled in quantity and restricted to an area. ”

Custom wallpapers with unique designs and prints are a great way to enliven a dull wall and of course, the long-lasting finish it offers to the interiors compared to paint – is an added bonus. Suggesting some tips on picking the best one for your space, Rachna Agarwal, Founder and Design Ideator of Studio IAAD, shared 3 things to keep in mind when using bold wallpapers:

1. Size matters – Balancing the print is critical, especially if you want to make a big impact in a compact room. While opting for smaller geometric shapes is a safer route, you will be surprised how clever, bolder designs can lend to the sense of expanse. Optical illusion, especially in mural-inspired wallpaper designs, can create the illusion of a bigger space. It helps balance the compact physical proportions of the room without seeming chaotic or too fussy. 

2. Think of the cohesive designDon’t be restricted to just colours or textures. An interplay of varying materials, textures and colour schemes helps create a cohesive design scheme. Make sure you don’t get carried away by merely hues and prints. Instead, consider the subtle inclusions or exclusions that will offset loud prints. For example, pick a wallpaper that matches your existing decor or vice versa.

3. Let there be a narrative – Bold wallpapers are a pictorial medium of expression that bring the occupants’ experiences and travels to life. For example, a design that depicts nature and botanical themes reminds one of a tropical holiday. Others may be rooted in tradition and celebrate artisanal designs to make a bold yet timeless statement reflecting one’s personality.

According to Devika Khosla, Creative Director at The Works Interiors, “From digital and abstract prints, floral prints and even 3D wallpapers, one can opt for various colours, textures, prints and patterns to create a bold statement for their spaces, depending on the ambience and the aesthetics desired. For example, if one wants a vibrant summer-y or tropical appearance, a floral printed wallpaper is a great option. On the other hand, if the space is neutral and classic, a monochromatic wallpaper with embossed texture or a three-dimensional wall finish will add dynamism to an area. In fact, wallpapers are ideal solutions to aesthetically cover imperfections and old paint, adding a renewed look and feel.”

She recommended, “Additionally, today with the peel and stick wallpaper options available, people have the flexibility to keep experimenting and be playful. If one has a particular design in mind, some vendors offer customisation, and some artists even hand-painted the wallpapers. Treat the wall as an artwork and experiment with the space using bold colours and pieces that is sure to add a distinct personality to one’s space.”




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