We all love our porch house in the late spring, monsoon and even winters since patios act as an extraordinary space to loosen up, unwind or cheer and nothing better than the view of plants flowing, waking to the sound of tweeting of birds and tasting hot cup of tea while watching dusk or dawn from a roof. If you are wishing to spruce up your balcony into a green relaxing corner, we got you sorted with plenty of tips from home interior decor experts on the right trends and products to design a balcony garden for your house.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raghunanadan Saraf, Founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture, suggested, “You can go for a stretch texture roof design idea. Stretch texture is a light and summery material variation, which in contrast with the covering is likewise protected in a few windier regions. An extra benefit of a sail as a porch rooftop is its adaptable suspension and its independent idea.”

He added, “Bamboo stack will fill a similar need as a MS outline with creepers folded all over, a penetrable texture extended over an edge or a retractable rooftop framework. Putting a budget plan to the side will help choose quicker and obviously. Whenever you’ve chose the design idea consider the sort of open air seating you’d require.”

According to Priti Lohiya, MD at Priti Homes, ground surface or flooring ought to be appealing and slide free while the floor shouldn’t have water obstructing and seepage should be appropriate alongside water sealing. She advised, “Lights settled among the green plants look magical around evening time. The bulbs shouldn’t contact the plant as they hurt plants. Gazebos are all that embellishment, one can set up a grill segment or a bar area in it. Great quality earthenware pots have preferred seepage over plastic ones. They give a provincial vibe to the space. Multi-hued blossoms in these pots change the look.”

Recommending that one can develop different vegetables ,products of the soil on the patio in pots, Priti Lohiya said, “On the off chance that space is restricted, decide on vertical ranch. Highlight your patio with lighting apparatuses, mirrors, shaded lamps, divider craftsmanship, tree trunks, old kayaks, glass bottles lights, wind tolls, bamboo sticks and screens for security. Vivid pads, candles, water basins and feeders, and hand painted pots add some tone. On the off chance that you have an extraordinary view, don’t deter it. Rather make it a fundamental component of the style.”

Adding to the list of tips and ideas for designing a balcony garden at home, Sejal Parikh, Interior Designer at WoodenStreet, said, “Nobody should compromise on comfort just because of minute factors like space restriction or budget. No matter how concise, every space holds a strong hope of improvement. By following the right trends and products, one can sweeten the view of their balcony without trouble.”

She listed some super amazing tips that include:

1. Bloom greenery in full force – Green lush plants are the first to pop in mind when we think of curating a garden. So without compromising on space, how to give your balcony a garden feel? With stackable and hanging planters, one can install more than the expected amount of greenery without giving up on all the space. Placing big lavish planters is a big no for compact balconies. With stackable and hanging planters, you could create that lush greenery drape around your balcony railings.

2. Cafe style furniture – Buying a set of foldable chairs and tables would work wonders to oomph up the comfort of your soon-to-be balcony garden. Foldable space-saving furniture would be the most suitable for compact balconies and would work just fine, being the highlight of lavish balconies. They are easy to store away; hence, the balcony does not have to be the permanent place for that furniture setup.

3. Let lighting handle the drama – Your choice of lighting is the anchor of the theme you wish to give your balcony. Yellow hue lights work really well with a leafy view. Work with pendant lighting that offers textured lighting. This way, you add drama to the picture without making it look too flashy. The beauty of simplicity will always win over extravagant elements.

4. Why hesitate to decor? – Sure the space is compact, and with the elements mentioned above, it would feel like the perfect picture of the balcony garden is done but minimal pop of vibrancy is a must for any space. Make your balcony garden feel like more of your area by minimally decorating it with comfy rugs. Now, why rugs? Well, they enhance comfort, style, and structure. They surely win over other decoratives like wall art.


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