Door styles to glorify your entrance

Interior Decor Ideas: 7 Doors For Your Home That Will Glorify Your Entrance. (Image Credit: Pinterest)

Doors provide seclusion, define spaces, minimize noise, and add beauty and flair to any space. Interior doors are available in a variety of materials and styles, making it easy to match or enhance the decor of your home. When it comes time to buy, there are an infinite number of door options to pick from, which can make the decision even more difficult.

This article will lead you through the various types of doors for your home so you can select one that matches your style.

Doors come in a variety of styles that are primarily determined by their functionality. This classification may make things easier for first-time homebuyers. Choosing the proper door style can improve the appearance and efficiency of your home.

Door styles to glorify your entrance
Door styles to glorify your entrance. (Image Credit: Pinterest)

Styles of Doors for Your House

1. Dutch Doors

A dutch door is a type of outside door that is frequently used for entry-point doors. They are divided in half so that the top and bottom work independently. Dutch doors are perfect for bringing air into a kitchen or as a door to the patio for letting pets or children out.

2. French Doors

Unexpectedly gorgeous French doors make a statement. They are twin doors made primarily of glass panes. The two doors open inward and can be opened simultaneously or individually. French doors are commonly utilized as outside doors because they let in a lot of light. Nonetheless, they are effective for dividing rooms without limiting the space, making the living space appear larger.

3. Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are typically light interior doors that fold inward toward the user. Because the doors fold and glide open at the same time, they are widely used to cover closets, utility rooms, and kitchens. However, some modern bifold doors with glass and steel frames might be excellent outside solutions.

4. Hinged Doors

Most people refer to these as passage doors. These doors have one end hinged so that they can swing in and out of the room. Every room in your house most likely already has a hinged door.

Door styles to glorify your entrance
Door styles to glorify your entrance. (Image Credit: Pinterest)

5. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are outside doors that open onto a patio or deck and are typically seen on the back or side of a property. However, sliding doors can also be found on the interior of the home in closets, utility rooms, and pantries. They travel down a track when you push them open, so they don’t protrude into the space.

6. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors, except when open, they disappear into the wall. They work well in powder rooms, closets, and bathrooms. Pocket doors slide along a track into a door slab that is housed within a “pocket” or hollow area in the wall.

7. Barn Doors

Barn doors, which were traditionally intended for exterior usage, have become a feature in modern farmhouse-style residences. Barn doors are typically made of wood and are suspended from a track outside the chamber. They’re a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and corridors.

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