Want to set the stage for the perfect house party? Check out these tips by interior decor and design experts on how to get your home party-ready with minimal changes

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

To avoid hassles related to commuting to the location, crowd and unpleasant music, the concept of house parties is a new trend seen in the recent past as they give you the opportunity to create your own playlist, menu, home decor and so on. Though food that is served is a critical part of a house party, furniture and interior decor also plays a crucial role from bean-bags to dining tables and bedroom to living room.

Want to set the stage for the perfect house party? Fret not as we got two interior design experts on board to spill the beans on how to get your home party-ready with minimal changes. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Lokendra Singh Ranawat, Co-Founder and CEO of Wooden Street, suggested, “The lighting of a room affects the whole ambiance and for a house party, mellow hues would fit right. What offers the mellow hues the best? None other than string lights. Yellow string lights are the perfect way to create a striking backdrop for the party. A lighting backdrop would attract all the attention leaving your clutter, free from judgment.”

He added, “Another hack is to dress up your dining table with fancy tableware. A well-decorated center table exemplifies lively party vibes of the finest. Take out the best of your crockery and let them do their magic. Also, a house party calls for drinks and when served in fancy glassware, it makes the whole process merrier. If not purchased yet, then try investing in a bar tool set. They are life saviours of such spontaneous house parties. Adding luxury to the primary party routine would double the event’s richness”

Ridhima Kansal, Director of Rosemoore, recommended, “Aroma can simply transform your ordinary home into a party venue by subtly emphasising the welcoming mood you want to set for your guests. It adds to the overall décor and gives an enchanting makeover to the surroundings. Try bringing in scented candles to the picture. Exotic aroma candles would offer your guests a vibe to remember. Scented candles can be put in living spaces, garden areas, decks, and many other places to set the right tone. Do not experiment much but do not keep it too basic when selecting scented candles.”

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