Today’s competitive business terrain heavily relies on innovation and ideas. Experience across industries is critical to understand uniqueness which is a preferable quality for any business. People cannot solve their problems with old solutions. The more creativity, the more the success rate. So, exploring ideas open-endedly tends to create human-centric solutions. Jeet Chandan, an entrepreneur from Mumbai, has always been inquisitive about reshaping the startup ecosystem and relieving people of unwanted chaos while pursuing their passion. He has launched Entremax, BizDateup, InternKhoj, Vipani, and Shortgun, a series of enterprises to chase the approaching revolution. He is one of the entrepreneurs who has provided businessmen with a one-click startup solution for all investment and funding-related queries: BizDateUp.

Starting a business takes a lot of courage; it measures a person’s resourcefulness, time, and investment. Apart from that, a firm needs ideation based on inventiveness, all of which reckons its success and structure. In order to strive to create resolutions for people’s problems, one must think like a consumer. Since his youth, Jeet Chandan has had an inquisitiveness toward entrepreneurship, after which he decided to incept his own NGO – “Help Uddaan Foundation.” Launching this organization aimed to bridge the gap in society with mere dedication and effort. After collecting influential appraisals for his initiatives, he concentrated on redefining the world of business, which was followed by the establishment of Entremax- A Consulting Firm. 

Business is directly proportional to growth and development. Jeet Chandan stands out from the competition because of his vision, “The entire idea of making and conducting business is acknowledged by the concept behind it. In this competitive world, we need to present people with new answers. Businesses need to understand the potential of market trends and work with it,” he said. “BizDateUp is a platform that allows entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate and receive funding to give a head start to their businesses,” he added further. Being a person who has faced major laybacks while registering for a business, looking for funds, and balancing work and academic life, he has embarked upon a solution that would serve the purpose of all. 

This operational world always reflects the work that was put into it. Jeet Chandan is a zealous entrepreneur who does not stop exploring different business aspects. He is a keen learner with pertinent knowledge and skills. His new advent – Vipani, is a stock/crypto market simulation software that can uplift and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. It will teach individuals how to be independent in the world of investment and trading. Jeet has also incepted a blockchain gaming platform – ‘Shortgun’- laying the foundation to route the world of the Metaverse. 

Jeet Chandan is a proactive leader with a compelling personality who endures bringing revolution to the world by launching platforms where all the solutions (ranging from legal to finance and marketing or technical) are obtainable at one destination. His vigor for application development, mobile software, and website design has oriented him toward a world filled with infinite potential. He has remarkably presented a one-click startup solution for all aspiring entrepreneurs for every problem they encounter. Following his extensive expertise in this domain, Jeet Chandan has also lectured at prominent universities like VIT and LPU. Alongside being a skilled Director, Founder, and Marketer, he is single-handedly prevailing in the entrepreneurial and fintech industry by solving the problems of many young entrepreneurs and career aficionados.  

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