Photo credit: L: Country Living, R: Colefax and Fowler

Photo credit: L: Country Living, R: Colefax and Fowler

Farmhouse interiors, generous doses of colour and pattern, and a dip into our design past and are on the up this autumn, according to data from Pinterest.

Research from Wethrift looked at what we’ve all been adding to our inspiration boards, and the results show a welcome move towards self-expression in the home. “For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colours and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality,” says Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at WeThrift.

The nature-inspired design schemes that proved most popular last year continue to hold sway. “Increasingly, overly polished, shiny materials are waning, and natural materials seem to be claiming more space in homes across the nation,” says Sam Greig, designer at Swoon. “Rattan continues to hold a big stake, but we are seeing cane and canvas making a big appearance, along with the usual culprits in warm wooden tones and cool marbles.

But it is farmhouse interiors that took the top spot for 2022…

Photo credit: L: Country Living, R: Carpetright

Photo credit: L: Country Living, R: Carpetright

Top 10 interior trends for autumn, according to Pinterest:

  1. Farmhouse

  2. Nature-inspired

  3. Bold patterns

  4. Maximalist interior

  5. Contemporary

  6. Retro style

  7. Ceramic plates

  8. 70s interiors

  9. Mediterranean

  10. Vintage furniture

Farmhouse interiors – and especially farmhouse kitchens – are a staple of the country home, epitomising simple living and a love of the outdoors. Farmhouse style is unfussy and functional, full of pieces that are well-used and well-loved.

“It’s easy to replicate, and people are incorporating the trend with a modern approach throughout the home, with minimalist elements that resemble Scandinavian design – trying to strike the right balance between rustic and modern living, with contemporary aspects that reflect today’s ideal home,” says Nick.

Photo credit: L: Neptune, R: Dreams

Photo credit: L: Neptune, R: Dreams

Nature-inspired interiors don’t have to rely upon a fulsome supply of indoor plants, references can come instead from botanical wallpaper, a palette inspired by the outdoors, or even just a clever use of natural light.

“One way to bring a touch of nature into your home is by adding skylights, or different types of reflective materials and sheer drapes. Doing this will allow the natural light to shine through your home,” says Nick. “Natural materials, like wood, rattan, bamboo and stone are also another great feature to incorporate into your space.”

Photo credit: L: Colefax and Fowler, R: Rachel Whiting

Photo credit: L: Colefax and Fowler, R: Rachel Whiting

According to the research, we will be welcoming an injection of print and pattern into the home after what feels like an eternity of simple, yet admittedly elegant, minimalism. The resurgence of bold pattern and cheerful colour used in abundance in our homes feels comforting, nostalgic, and optimistic.

“Adding bold patterns into your home doesn’t have to feel daunting, it can be easy to do and can make your space feel brighter and more energetic,” says Nick. “You can pair a geometric wallpaper, a striped rug or accent pillows with crisp white walls to highlight the patterns.”

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