From getting his dream car, having more projects, and traveling with family, Mimiyuuuh’s life upgrade continues. In his recent house renovation update vlog, Mimiyuuuh shares the latest scoop about their home renovation, paying close attention to his exciting loft-type bedroom.

Mimiyuuuh is not only about beauty and heart. His decision to have a loft-type bedroom shows he is also brainy and practical.

As a social media and TV personality, a lover of life, and a driven person, Mimiyuuuh saw the need for a room where he could do anything he wanted with the people he wanted. Instead of having a separate room to sleep, edit, and shoot, his loft-type bedroom has more than enough space for him to do it all and more!

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What’s Good About Loft-Type Spaces?

A loft-type design has tall ceilings. The extra height is used to gain more usable square footage. Usually, the bedroom is placed in the lofted area. However, other architects and owners sometimes break the norm by using this newfound second floor for other purposes. 

In his earlier house renovation update vlog, where he revealed his dream bedroom plan, Mimiyuuuh planned to convert his loft area into his editing studio. However, since he loves watching the skies, he moved his bedroom area to the loft.

Consulting with professionals for home construction and renovation is one of the wise decisions Mimiyuuuh made to revamp his house. That way, he can maximize every inch of his dream bedroom. He can also turn it into a space he can use and share for different purposes.

What makes Mimiyuuuh’s loft-type bedroom design perfect for his personality and lifestyle?

It Offers Natural Lighting and Proper Air Circulation

It Offers Natural Lighting and Proper Air CirculationMimiyuuuh’s bedroom features several windows: three tall arched, tinted windows at the bathroom; a massive floor-to-ceiling window; and a wide window in the bedroom loft area. These windows allow natural light to enter Mimiyuuuh’s bedroom, which is perfect for taking photos.

These windows also allow him to enjoy watching the beautiful sunset from his room and the stars at night. They also allow him to enjoy the views of his Bali-inspired backyard.

It is IG-Worthy

The same with the rest of his home, Mimiyuuuh’s loft-type bedroom is designed to be IG-worthy. Every nook and cranny of this space is intended to be aesthetically pleasing, with white walls and wood accents. This offers versatile backdrops for his vlogs and selfies.

He said the area under his loft could be his studio space. The area can have a green screen to shoot photos and videos. Since his room has plenty of windows, finding good lighting is also no problem.

It Promotes ProductivityIt Promotes Productivity

Mimiyuuuh’s loft bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. Aside from an area for shooting photos and vlogs, it’s a place where he can read and work! Parallel to his open closet is a work table where he can read his books. He can also do editing work there with his editing team. 

Once he wakes up and bathes in his stylish pink bathroom with terrazzo tiles, he can work, shoot, or even do indoor exercises in his bedroom.

It is a Relaxing Place to Unwind 

Even if it’s not done yet, Mimiyuuuh enjoys chilling in his loft bedroom. After taking a walk, he goes to his bedroom to watch the different colors of the sunset each day and breathe in the fresh air.

Once his bedroom is complete, he can chill in his room to observe the outdoors from his large windows. He can also read a book, watch videos, admire his wardrobe collection, or access his swimming pool through his separate staircase that directly connects to their backyard.

It’s Spacious Enough to Share with Friends

With plenty of space to move in, Mimiyuuuh’s bedroom is not just a place for him and his editors but also for his friends to enjoy. Mimiyuuuh’s plans to invite his friends over once his bedroom is complete. There they can have a party and sleepovers at night in private. 

Mimiyuuuh’s plan to have a loft-type bedroom is indeed a smart move. With plenty of space, he can have a dedicated corner in his bedroom to work, play, and rest. We can’t wait to see his finished bedroom’s final unveiling anytime soon!

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Photos screengrabbed from Mimiyuuuh’s vlog

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