STORY: Could 3D printing be used to create wooden furniture?

Location: Jerusalem

It may soon be possible

thanks to a group of Israeli scientists

(Doron Kam, a Ph.D student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

“And we’re trying to deliver a message to engineers and to designers that you can use this tool to produce other stuff. But, indeed we can produce a meter-size length if you would like, you can have nice, different curvatures throughout the object. I think it’s a really really nice fertile ground to further on do some applicative products with it.”

The group developed a wood-based paste

that dries up after being 3D-printed

and warps into the design set in advance

The end product is designed to

be recyclable, sustainable

and have qualities that “mimic nature”

(Doron Kam, a Ph.D student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

“So I think the most important stuff of the material is that this is really sustainable material. So we don’t have any formaldehyde based resin, there’s no synthetic materials, everything is wood based. It’s not only just wood based, we can take wood residues and use it. So, for example if you have a broken chair we can take the broken chair, chop it down and then you can print your own chair again, again and again. Again, we don’t want stuff to last forever, we want it to last for three, four, five years and then you can print it again, because again we don’t want materials to last forever in nature. So the material here is quite unique.”

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